Say hello to LISTO

A simple task list for people who want to be organized without making things more complicated.

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LISTO is focussed on the following features:


It needs to ”just work”. I believe an app shouldn't require a manual to know how to work it. Intuition is the prime pillar.

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Time management

Add 'planned time' for a perspective of your taskload. You can use timers for increased productivity. You can easily log how much time you have spent on a task.

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A journal of done tasks

The most important feature to know what you've done.

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Tags for filtering and organization.

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Keyboard controls

Keep it fast and easy to work with. And powerfull for power users.

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About the Author

Hello community. My name is Luca Ban. I always wanted to build the perfect task list app that fits my needs. I have used about all task list apps out there. But there was always something missing. So that's why I decided to create LISTO.

This app has been my introduction to programming and I fell in love. There are still great plans for new features so stay tuned! (I was greatly inspired by Checkvist.)